Transport + Urban Form

Reports on transport and urban form:

Judith Thomsen & Bendik Manum (2009), Non-motorised transport and urban form – A review of recent research, report 1 (click on red marked “report” to download), project: ”Towards carbon neutral settlements”, ISBN 978-82-7551-055-4

Dag Kittang (2009), Brøset – en klimanøytral bydel. Parkeringsrestriksjoner som virkemiddel for redusert bilbruk, report 2 (click to download), project: ”Towards carbon neutral settlements”, ISBN 978-82-7551-056-1

Annette Karlsnes, Håvard V. Straume & Bendik Manum (2009), Sykling og sykkelruter i Brøsetområdet, rapport fra en spørreundersøkelse 2009, report 3 (click to download), project: ”Towards carbon neutral settlements”, ISBN 978-82-7551-057-8

Spacescape (2009), Strategisk tillgänglighetsanalys (click to download) för Bröset,

Conference papers & presentations:

Bendik Manum & Tobias Nordström, Integrating bicycle network analysis in urban design; improving bikeability in Trondheim by combining space syntax and GIS-methods using the Place Syntax Tool. Paper presented at SSS 9, The 9th International Space Syntax Symposium, Seoul, 31.10-03.11.2013. manum nordström Space Syntax Symposium 2013

Bendik Manum & Tobias Nordstöm, Accessible density; a condition for sustainable urban development, ENHR 2013, European Network for Housing Research. Tarragona, Spain, 19th-21th of June 2013, ENHR paper manum norstrom

– Erica Löfström, The Challenge of Carbon Neutral Settlements: User Participation in the Planning and Development Process of a Residential Area – Car or no car?, presented at the 4S annual meeting, Tokyo 25.-29.08.2010

Dag Kittang & Judith Thomsen, Sustainable urban housing – Can urban form affect the way of travelling?, presented at the 22nd International ENHR Housing Research Conference: Urban Dynamic & Housing Change, Istanbul 04.-07.07.2010

Bendik Manum & Denis Voisin, Urban form and daily travel; non-motorised transport in Trondheim examined by combining space syntax and GIS-based methods, presented at CITTA 3rd Annual Conference on Planning Research Bringing City Form Back Into Planning, Porto 14.05.2010

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