Research reports

Research reports on the following topics:

Carbon neutral living

Urban form + Transport

Implementation of environmental goals

Energy supply

Evaluering av det åpne parallelle oppdraget

Research objectives
The development of the Brøset area will serve as a case for research on the development of carbon neutral settlements. The models, concepts and knowledge that will be developed will however have a general value and may be implemented in other areas as well as at Brøset.

Main objective: Contribute to the realization of carbon neutral settlements in Norway.
Subgoal 1: Develop models for the early phase planning process that may contribute to secure the fulfillment of ambitious goals throughout the process.
Subgoal 2: Develop concepts for buildings, energy supply, infrastructure and urban fabric that support a carbon neutral settlement.
Subgoal 3: Develop knowledge and understanding of the cultural changes that are necessary in order to achieve carbon neutral settlements.
Subgoal 4: Implement concepts, models and knowledge in real-life.

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