Gallions Park – London

Gallions Park will accommodate London’s first zero carbon development. It is designed to provide a sustainble lifestyle for residents. An important aim of the project is to demonstrate that zero carbon developments can be commercially and financially possible in the UK.The approach to be applied will significantly reduce carbon emissions and wider environmental impacts, through a host of measures such as renewable energy, energy efficient architecture, natural materials, as well as integrated waste management, on-site food growing and green transport measures such as car and cycle clubs.

The Gallions Park development will provide over 200 new homes and will include an energy centre which will generate on-site renewables. Buildings will include super insulation with high thermal mass structures to reduce heat loss, careful building orientation in order to maximise sunlight gain, and the inclusion of highly efficient appliances. Towers built will punctuate the sky in an irregular fashion to avoid barriers for south-westerly winds ensuring viable use of wind turbines. The park will also incorporate the use of SUDS, green/brown roofs, recycling points for residents and where possible, transportation by water or rail (description from DJ property consultancy:

The architectural competition was won by Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios (


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