Damsgårdssundet – Bergen

Model of the area of Damsgårdssundet, picture provided by BOB

Model of the area of Damsgårdssundet, picture provided by BOB

A run-down area with a high proportion of council housing along Løvstakksiden will be given a physical boost. Social, cultural and commercial/industrial measures will help to merge the new urban  areas along the waterfront and existing areas into a new identity area in the centre of Bergen with forward-looking solutions and a good urban environment. Forward-looking energy solutions in new buildings and the rehabilitation of older buildings have high priority in both private and
municipal development projects. Priority is also being given to good pedestrian, cycling and public transport solutions in order to reduce the use of cars (www.bergenkommune.no).
The neighbourhood of Damsgårdssundet expected to provide 10.000 new jobs and 1.500 new flats by 2020. The BOB (Bergen og Omegn Boligbyggelag) is responsible for the construction of 900 of the new flats  (http://coreweb.nhosp.no/eba.no/html/files/BOB_1.pdf).


Bergen local authority has been occupied with developing new ways of information exchange and public participation. They frequently invite to discussions about relevant topics. There are two meetings a year with all business-unit managers and other players in the area. Additionally, one annual information meeting/event targeting the whole population is arranged, as well as exhibitions and thematic seminars.

Infrastructure and Transport
– Prioritised pedestrian and cycle network
– New pedestrian/cycle bridge over the sound
– Markusplasssen – new local urban space
– Light rail stop and free bus
– Traffic reduction and two housing zone car parks

www.bt.no/na24/article416289.ece available July 2009

Bergen Kommune (2005), Ny energi rundt Damsgårdssundet, et offentlig og privat handlingsprogram – Mål og ambisjoner for perioden 2006 – 2012 (download at: www.arkitektur.no/?nid=157619&pid0=155001)

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