Carlsberg + Nordhavnen – Copenhagen

In the beginning of 2009 Carlsberg‘s production of beer moved from Copenhagen, leaving a 33 hectares industrial site open for urban development. The area contains a number of historical buildings and gardens which have now been opened to the public. Over the next 20 years the area will be transformed into a new part of Copenhagen with housing, shops and office buildings, with a strong emphasis on social, economical and environmental sustainability.

Nordhavnen – the sustainable city of the future

The Copenhagen City and Port Development has launched an open international ideas competition for the Northern Harbour in Copenhagen, a new urban development area with room for 40,000 residents and 40,000 staff in buildings with a total floor area of three to fourmillion square metres. The vision for this unique site, which features waterfronts on three sides, is to create a dynamic, lively and sustainable city district with diverse, effervescent life and room for a broad mix of residents and enterprises.(



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