The Eco-Visualization Prize 2010

You are invited to sent in proposals for the Eco-Visualization Prize for the new carbon-neutral settlement at Brøset. Eco-visualization is “any kind of interactive device targeted at revealing energy use in order to promote more sustainable behaviors and foster positive attitudes towards sustainable practices”. Brøset, an area of 350 da situated about 4 km from the center of Trondheim, has been chosen as location for the creation of a carbon neutral neighborhood in Trondheim that combines low energy demand with a socially sustainable living environment. A preliminary estimation shows that it is possible to build about 1200 new dwellings at Brøset. The aim is to create neighborhoods that enable people to lower their “carbon footprint”. However, designing carbon neutral settlements is not only a matter of technology and material and energy use, but includes lifestyle, housing patterns and transportation. Learning from previous examples participation and motivation of the residents of such settlements is crucial for such settlements to become successful sustainable residential areas that achieve ambitious environmental goals. It is also important for the residents of such areas to achieve and maintain a common identity as a “residents of a carbon-neutral settlement”. Eco-visualization is one method that can be used to achieve and maintain user participation in the building of new residential areas with ambitious goals for environmental sustainability. The most energy-intense room of a household is the kitchen, in which the use of built-in household equipment such as freezers, stoves, dish-washers as well as separate household equipment such as blenders, electric water kettles, micro-wave ovens etc. takes place. To participate in the competition, send in your suggestion on how to create and maintain a common user-identity for the future carbon-neutral settlement of Brøset by means of eco-visualization. The suggestion should include a combination of visualization of the individual household use of energy by means of a suggestion for an energy-visualizing prototype that is to be used in the kitchen and also a visualization of the whole area’s household use of electricity. A written explanation of the idea in combination with illustrations of the visualization methods used should be included in the Eco-visualization suggestion and the winning contribution may be used as inspiration for the realization of the climate-neutral settlement of Brøset. Visualization can involve not only visual elements, that could be in the form of figures, shape, color etc., but also other perceptions such as sound can be used. The method for measuring the energy is not to be included in the Suggested Eco-visualization.

Last date to send in your suggestion is 2010-03-31. The winning contribution will also be awarded with 5000 NOK. The jury consists of researchers from NTNU and representatives from the municipality of Trondheim.

Send in your contribution to:
Mark with: The Eco-Visualization Prize 2010

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